Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Pheromone No.5 14

Today we have chapter fourteen of Love Pheromone No.5, which introduces a few new characters.

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...I was going to post an announcement or something, but sudden real-life aggravation BS caused me to forget whatever it was. I'll edit this post or something if I remember.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Pheromone No.5 13

In a bit of a rush here, but here's chapter thirteen of Love Pheromone No,5, which starts off a new storyarc.

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I'm visiting family for the next few days, so my translation rate may go down... that doesn't affect the editing side though, so no worries there.

And by the way, Captain America was freaking amazing and everyone should see it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama 09

At long last, here be chapter nine of Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama, which finishes out the first volume. As always, editing credit for this one goes to Torsten.

Would have had it out several hours ago, but I got distracted and yeah.

Chapter 9:
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Complete volume one:
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I'll finally be fixing up various pages in the next day or so, and I still have quite a few emails to go through... but right now I am going to go wandering around outside in the middle of the night because that is how I roll.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu 12

Sorry for the long wait!
Here's the last chapter of Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu in which we learn of Shuu's decision ...or do we?

Thanks goes to Onikun for translating, Lele for QC-ing and of course Zenigame for his awesome help!

Complete Volume 2:

Monday, July 11, 2011

system crash...

Sorry for my prolonged absence, things have been pretty shit over here for a while now.

Among other things, everything around me seems to be breaking and I'm also trying to thwart my mother's best efforts to murder my sunflowers.

But no matter, I intend to actually get shit done this week.

Current plan is to clear off at least one script per day, and also get around to finally checking my mail.

Feel free to crack the whip if I fail to do either.

Many thanks and apologies to those out there who have remained patient with my lack of output, I've been on the other side in the past and I know how annoying it can be. -_-