Monday, February 14, 2011



So I remembered that today is Valentine's Day. Not that it means anything to a hikki NEET like myself, but yeah.

For those of who have a significant other, I hope things went well.
And that none of you ended up going broke buying jewelry.
And that none of you ended up getting too plastered because of roneriness.

...and now I go back to being sick and whatnots.
(much to my surprise, sore throat + sake does not, in fact, equal searing pain. Lucky me.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I still function

Sorry for the lack of anything since the new year started, but real life has been a steaming pile of crap lately on account of various things that should not affect me but end up doing so anyways.

It's kind of settled for the time being, but the sore throat I have right now probably signifies the one time a year that I get really sick...

...but barring illness, I intend to get at least one script out by Monday. Transistor Teaset 8 is about halfway done, and then I can worry about Shitsuji Shoujo and the rest of the stuff I need to finish.

So yeah, sorry for this.