Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kämpfer 5

...and here's chapter five of Kampfer, which rounds off the first volume. It's now a joint with Which instead of NCIS, on account of internet dramas or somesuch.

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...speaking of dramas, there's some depressing things I have to deal with right now that might cause the release rate here to slow back down.

Or maybe speed up, who knows. Just a heads up.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mondlicht 6

...and courtesy of Dolor, here's the rest of Mondlicht's first volume.

I really liked the last two pages of chapter six... then again, I'm a total sucker for that kind of thing.

It's funny how mangaka seem to like using foreign characters to showcase "traditional" values like that...

Chapter 6+omake:
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Volume 1 complete:
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And in other news, I'm looking for a decent group what's subbing Aoi Hana. Any suggestions? I'd rather not go through weeks of GRAAH sorting through faulty translations like I did with Pandora Hearts and more recently, NEEDLESS. >_>;;

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 2

...and here's the second chapter of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, now a joint with the fellows over at NoName-Scan.

Serena really is a pervert...

...well, the entire cast consists of perverts. >_>;;

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises- 6.5

Here's a quick interlude of Gurenki foolishness, courtesy of ShiroAka.

Hopefully, this will be enough to hold you all over until raws for chapter 9 show up.

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...and now I go read Tetragrammaton Labyrinth 5.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 9

That's the nice thing about doing the editing myself, I know that any and all delays are entirely my own fault. o/

...anywho, here's a rather heavy chapter of Deus Ex Machina.

Whenever Junior talks, I hear Koyasu Takehito in my head. >_>;;

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Just a heads up, raws for chapter ten have yet to show up (to my knowledge), so it might be a while before I put another of these out. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it was with Embalming, but who knows. :/

And speaking of Embalming, the raws for chapter 11 of that series are kind of awful, so it might be delayed yet again. Gohoho.

Now I go back to my beloved robots.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Embalming 10

What you get: Embalming 10, because Emba was on top of things.

What you don't get: Deus Ex Machina 9, because I feel like being lazy-ish today.

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Maybe I'll have it done tomorrow, it depends on how busy I am.

...and in other news, NEEDLESS has the largest difference between OP and ED animation of any show I've seen in recent memory. Just... wow.

Not a complaint, merely an observation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Embalming 9

...and here's a chapter of Embalming. Gohoho.
Thanks go to Emba for editing.

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In other news, I'm looking for an editor for Gakkou no Sensei, and also the latest raws for Gurenki so I can get on that.

Finished three scripts yesterday, and am working on the text-laden Shiharu Genesis right now... you all can also expect Deus Ex Machina 9 tomorrow.

...and that's it. Back to volume three of Hayate x Blade for me... it's hilarious and retarded and everyone should buy it so Seven Seas can afford to keep putting it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shiharu Genesis 4

The moepocalypse continues...

Here's the fourth chapter of Shiharu Genesis, courtesy of Serafer.

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And yes, I know the credit page lists the wrong number.

As for my jury hell, that's officially over with since my family connections made the defendants reeally not want me on the jury. Gohoho.

But I still had an entire day shot to hell, and I'm dead tired on top of that. So yay getting completely thrown off-track. >_<

...and now I'm going to go die for about fifteen hours or so. ._.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Onsen Wakusei 3

Just in time to spoil the horrible mood I've been in for the past month or so... here's an update, courtesy of sylfid. :>

It's the third chapter of Onsen Wakusei... I suppose since the setup's over, Takagi finally decided to show his true colors.

Ah, Nino... :3

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As for other thing, I intend to get scripts for Embalming, Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, Transistor Teaset and Karakasa no Saien done within the week.

Though I've been stricken with the GRAAH known as jury duty, so who knows how well that's going to go. -_-

Seriously, I don't even have a license, how the heck did they get me...?