Monday, November 12, 2012


...long time no see.

It wasn't my intention to be absent for so long, but a combination of real life and flagrant hardware failures have caused my absence to extend to well over half a year... to everyone who edited for me and to everyone who enjoyed my translations, I'm really sorry for that.

This was supposed to be my grand SOLOMON I HAVE RETURNED post since I finally got around to building a new computer last week, but it turns out that my HD is a PIECE OF GARBAGE and Windows won't even freaking start anymore. (warning: never buy a WD Caviar Blue drive)

And to top all of that off, there's a serious chance that I'll have lost the vast majority of my data to this BS, so there's another obstacle there. yeah. Once I get this dealt with, I'll try and get back in touch with everyone and try to get some releases going again. So if you've sent me anything since my last post, shoot me another mail and I'll actually get back to you this time.