Thursday, October 23, 2008

Horobi no Michi wants you!

I translate rather quickly, but I needs staff in order to actually get things out... so any help from those Photoshop-users out there with some free time to spare would be appreciated.

Here's more or less a repost from my thread over at Mangahelpers, with the series I'm either interested in translating, or am sitting on scripts for right now.

Drop me a line in the comments here, in my thread at Mangahelpers, or email me at horobinomichi at gmail dot com if you're interested.

Twinkle Saber Nova:
Currently running, has two volumes at the moment.

It's a magical girl series by Fujieda Miyabi. Very nice all-around, and I like this one quite a bit.
It also has subtextual yuri, for those who might be interested in such things. >_>;;

Raw volume one

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, by Yokoyama Naoki:

In response to signs of an impending invasion by alien conquerors, five young people have undergone modification surgery in order to gain the strength to fight them off when they arrive...

...but there's been no sign of them since the initial warning message ten years ago.

So in the meantime, the hero of justice Serena and her teammate/lackey/punching bag Souya have been using their powers to protect the weak and destroy evil wherever it looms its head...

...and when they're not doing that, Serena's trying to pick up chicks. And Souya's fiddling arond with his anime figures.

But with the sudden return of their childhood friend, things are in for a change...

...or maybe not.

Kano loves Serena, Hakase loves Serena and Kano, Serena loves all women... and Souya likes to watch. Yeah, this is action comedy manga, with heavy yuri overtones. I find it hilarious, but I'm also a huge toku fan, so...

Raw volume 1

There's also several other series I'd like to work on... Saint October, Moetan, Kokoro Toshokan and/or anything else that Takagi Nobuyuki has done... but I don't actually have scans for them so that's another hurdle there.

Thanks in advance to any kind soul who decides to help me out...


Sohma said...

Hi, I can edit manga for you, but I'm only interested in Epitaph ^^"

Here is a chapter I edited for 4chan.

Uhm... if you're interested in translating:
- Pretty Tough by SANO Takashi ( raw at here )
- Towakan by Oshima Towa - the yuri part (raw at here)
- Mare by Morinaga Miruku (raw at here)
I'm glad to edit them for you ^o^

I'm looking foward to hearing from you. :)

PS: I see that you need raw of Bro-con. I only have chapter (got it via emule),so, here it is:

Erin said...

Hi, I'm a member of Lililicious. I noticed in your introduction that you said, "I'll translate something if it catches my eye and nobody else is working on it." If you decide to pick up any other Yuri Hime titles, could we perhaps talk about it first to make sure we aren't working on the same things at the same time? We haven't started Creo the Crimson Crises yet, so that one isn't a problem.
I'd also be happy to recommend other yuri titles that haven't been picked up by any group yet.
(By the way, I heard that Dynasty was thinking of working on Twinkle Saber Nova. So that one might already be covered.)
Thanks for your time.

SkyKing said...

Hi, I'm willing to help with Ann Cassandra/Uncassandra.

Like erin said about your introduction...
Can you take a look at any of these and tell me if you're interested?

Maou Zenigame said...


Thanks for the Brocon raws, you really saved me a lot of trouble. ^_^;;

I already have help with Epitaph, and most of the other series you listed aren't really to my liking...

...though I will take on Oshima Towa's Rosehip Diary if you're up to editing it. PM me at mangahelpers or email me at horobinomichi at gmail dot com if you're interested.


Sorry if I messed anything up for you guys. I don't plan on doing anything else from Yuri Hime, but I'll be sure to run it by you guys should anything else from there interest me.

And if you have any other yuri manga suggestions, I'm always open to it.


I'm working with Page on Uncassandra, so I don't really need any help there unless you have raws for it past what I've done. Sorry about that. ^_^;;

I'll check out your Mangahelpers thread though, and PM you there if anything interests me.

Sohma said...

Yes, I wil edit it for sure. ^^
Ah, just one thing, can you trans the sfx ? It would be better if everyone understands the sfx. ^^
P/S: I sent an email to you. :)

Erin said...

@maou: Thanks.
Hmm. Since you like Epitaph, you may also like Dystopia by Suzushi Katsuragi. I have a short sample of it up at
I haven't seen raws of it around, though, so you'd need to be able to scan the book yourself.

Scape-God, by Takato Rui, is an action manga with supernatural and yuri elements. There are raws of the whole thing floating around, and I have a sample bit up at

If you like moe, not-quite-yuri school stories, there are raws of some of those floating around out there too. Let me know if you want titles and samples.

And if you like smut, I have some raw manga and doujinshi up at

Maou Zenigame said...


Hm. Scope God looks interesting, I'll have to go hunt down the raws. o/

I'm open to moe school-type manga too, so go ahead and throw me any suggestions you might have.

Erin said...

@maou: Here are sample chapters of some yuri-ish manga. Not all are moe, but most are school stories.

Maou Zenigame said...

Wow, thanks. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and I'd actually been trying to find Loups=Garous for a while now. ^_^;;

Now to actually go through each one...

SilverSnowCat said...

Hello, I would be interested in helping out with editing. Partucularly with Twinkle Saber Nova or anything else that is shoujo ai/yuri. I don't have any samples at the moment, so if you like to give me some pages as a test to see if I can do a good job feel free to do so. My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Hello there I can help edit for a short time, interested in yuri/shoujo-ai, drop me a line:
AIM sn Kiy0hime

BelYaun said...

I'm a typesetter working with a group atm, but I'm getting little work so if there's anything I can help with send me an e-mail. I'm really interested in all the manga you need help with.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have any better options I would be interested in Shokushu Hime.

Serafer said...

Hey there,

I have been dying to start editing scans again for awhile. So if you still need an editor, feel free to email me at


P.s: Any project is fine with me.

Kuroi said...
is not working anymore?

a said...

I'm also up for helping with Uncassandra. Although, I can't really say that I'm a fast worker, I know how to use photoshop and if there you need proofreaders I can definitely do that well.

Dex Arqueólogo said...

Man, I'm doing (or trying to do) the translation of Hekikai no AION to portuguese(I'm already doing the translation of Karin to portuguese) and have already the RAWs of the volumes 1,2, 3(except chapter 9), and volume 4(only chapters 13 and 14 for now).
But I don't translate japanese YET. I'm learning, and the maximum I can do is simple phrases.
I would like to do an according with you from Horobi no Michi/Vagrants that are translating Hekikai no AION to English. I will do the cleaning of the RAWs, and then you do the translation. I don't really mind to be a typesetter too. But as result, I will do the retranslation of the manga from english to portuguese. Please, send me a message.

Bellinha said...

Here is the raw of chapter 10 of creo, please translate *-*

Kit said...

Hai, I'm interested in helping out. I emailed you not to long ago (from, and I thought I'd leave a comment here as well, in case :p

Mostly Eru-Eru sister, btw.

paperluca said...

Hi, I'm interested in helping with Embalming and I emailed you about a week ago but you didn't answer me so I thought to let you know about my proposal here too. We would like to clean and edit Embalming in exchange of your translation.
So... Please, let me know.
E-mail me at vise-pingu[at]hotmail[dot]it

Anonymous said...

Here are the RAW that have gone so far as to get over the follow up.

After noting that even here the translation of Deus Ex Machina was braking, I assumed it was because of the lack of RAW, if so, I'm here I bring the RAW that are available.
I find it hard to get but as a manga, which I love I look for the big effort as I could and I hope you continue with this project.
Thank you for the contribution on their part.

Cap 12:
Cap 13:
Cap 14:
Cap 15:
Cap 16:

Volume 3:

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toposx said...

Hi I found the Mondlich raw vol 4 and 5 her:

Joshua said...

seen you guys was going to do volume 2 and 3 of twinkle saber nova found the raws on a jcafe site:

vol 2 RAW (
vol 3 RAW (

Anonymous said...

hi, just wondering if ya recieve my email. i havent got any response.
anyways just wanted to know are u planing to continue
eru-eru sister ch 6, and i wouldn't mind helping out with
Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 8 but then again i would prefer eru eru sister