Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 7

Yay delays...

Anime North was fun, and Hiyama was every bit as awesome as I expected him to be. Wish I had something for him to sign, though...

As for panels, there was no sign of anything involving yuri, despite there being an entire subsection devoted to BL. Nice how that works...

...but the fansubbing/scanlating panel was interesting enough, so yeah. Fun time overall.

...anyways, here's chapter seven of Deus Ex Machina. Kind of a crappy place for raws to stop at, but nobody's bothered to scan in the chapters after this point. :/

Should have the next chapter of Gurenki done pretty soon, so there's something else to look forward to.

Mediafire Megaupload

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, I was trying to get Deus Ex Machina 7 out before I left, but I ran out of time thanks to certain... people.

Since I'll be gone for the next few days, you can expect that on either Sunday or Monday, depending on how exhausted I am when I get back.

I'm also about a fourth into the latest Gurenki chapter... the dialogue isn't too horrible(but there is a ton of it), so I should have that script done pretty soon too.

ゼニガメの探し方 (how to find a Zenigame)

I'll be wandering around the dealer's room mostly, and I'll probably go to a yuri panel if there is one.

Aside from that, I'll be playing children's card games in the Doubletree, most likely guarding the stairs during Masquerade, and I'll also be singing Strength at karaoke if things work out there. If not, it's the old standby. >_>;;

I'll be wandering around in a turtle print bandanner most of the time, either that or one with the design from Renji's tattoos from Bleach. So yeah, if you want to yell at me for being lazy say hi, that's how to find me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Imminent return...

...yeah, sorry about the whole not being here thing, a lovely combination of Real Life Drama and general burnout with life in general kind of kept me from doing much of anything aside from the occasional forum post. :/

Anywho, I intend to have at least one script of something done within the next day or so... so there's something to look forward to.

I'll also be heading up to Anime North on Thursday, barring more crap going wrong... I'll probably just be stopping by random panels, playing children's card games, wasting far too much money and singing Reckless Fire at karaoke like I have for the past four-odd years... but who knows, I might run into some of you guys too maybe.

More details on that to come.