Monday, May 30, 2011

Shiharu Genesis 5

...and after more than a year of waiting, here's chapter five of Shiharu Genesis, which finally finishes off the first volume.

This is now a joint with Kuro's group, so many thanks go to him for doing the editing.

Chapter 5
Mediafire Megaupload

Complete volume 1
Mediafire Megaupload

back home...

This year's Anime North loot. One guess as to who my favorite Touhou character is.

Yuri panels were pretty good, and the Touhou panel was GREAT... a lot of the other stuff I went to was pretty meh, though. :/

But it was still fun overall, and now I can focus my funds on finally getting a new powersupply to rectify this mass of masking tape before it ends up burning my house down.

In other news, Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama 9 is only a few pages away from being finished, and Shiharu Genesis 5 will be posted later tonight after I check it over again.