Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises- 1

Say what? Two releases in the same day!?

...yeah, I was shocked too. Certainly not complaining, though. o/

Anyways, here's the first chapter of Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises-, by Takewakamaru. Copy/pasting my initial random summary since it's pretty much a perfect description...

Suou is just a normal highschool student. One night, she dreams about a red-haired demon girl... who shows up the next day in the middle of class and "claims" her as her property.

Editingness is courtesy of ShiroAka, who is both insanely skilled and insanely fast. (seriously, I had to wait all of two days.) You rock.


You might have noticed a steady increase in the number of things in the "now printing" section... that is because of all the kind people who have volunteered to edit for me. Thanks, everyone~

...I feel like Luffy right now, recruiting peoples every which way... >_>;;

And to those who are wondering where the hell Epitaph 3 is, the editing fellow over at Sugooi is currently dealing with some annoying matters that really take precedence over manga. It's still on the way, though.

Rosehip Diary 1

Sorry for the general slowness, but here's something new...

...the first chapter of the short series "Rosehip Diary, by Oshima Towa.

Rather high on the smut scale, so I guess it gets an 18+ warning or whatever. It's a yuri story about members of a certain school's gymnastics club... and their "extracurricular activities," so to speak.

As usual, a better description is to come.


And now, some random announcements...

...I've been completely taken with Watanabe Wataru's "Majimoji Rurumo," and have already translated two chapters of it... I've updated the help wanted post on the sidebar, so check it out if anyone out there is interested in editing.

...and also, let me take the opportunity to delare that I reeeeeeally do not like Mangahelpers' new layout. It's all kinds of graah.

Reuploaded the file with the missing page added. Sorry about that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mondlicht 1

...and after too damned long without a release, here's a new series.

Many thanks to Spyfoxgirl17 for your speedy editing assistance. Couldn't have done it without you. o/

Mondlicht: Tsuki no Tsubasa is the story of a group of vampires who are being hunted down by the creations of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The twist here is that the vampires want nothing more than to be left alone and do their best to not kill anyone... and Frankenstein's creations are all in the form of attractive psychogirls of varying ages.

And in keeping with most of what I've released here, girl's love starts to rear its head in later chapters.

I'l write up a better summary later, but that should do for now... anyways, check it out.


Epitaph 3 should be out within the next couple of days, and the other stuff on the "now printing" part of the sidebar will be out whenever the editing-type peoples get them to me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karakasa no Saien 1

Well, here's the first chapter of Karakasa no Saien, a joint with SCX-scans. It's the story of Ibusuki Rokusuke, a fellow who's trying to escape from a girl who is quite literally crazy for him... and winds up being forced to put up with something even worse.

It's funny, and also kind of disturbing. I'm about 1/3 done with the second chapter's script... so more is on the horizon.


In other news, I finished off Embalming 10 so that's in the works... and a kind person by the name of Liirin decided to take up editing Fairial Garden, so there's another upcoming release.

And Epitaph 3 is still in the editing phase.

So that's three chapters that should be out soon... I also finished the first chapter of Araki Kanao's "Yume Mitaina Hoshi Mitaina," which still needs an editor. It's a manga set in an all-girls' school... nothing super blatant in the first chapter, but yuri levels increase over time.

In any event, it's cute and that's why I decided to take it up. Many thanks to Erin for bringing it to my atention. o/

And finally, I picked up the first volume of Hayate Cross Blade yesterday... it's funny as hell and everyone should buy it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Translatery status...

...well, it seems that some of you out there are curious as to the status of the various crap I have going on right now... so here's an overall rundown.

Finished chapter one of Karakasa no Saien, which I'm doing as a joint(I guess) with SCX-scans. Strange/amusing story, though it's another quarterly one which makes a Zenigame go GRAAAAAAAH. (especially after the end of chapter three, me NEEDS to find out what happens next...)
Full thing to be released whenever the editing's done.

About halfway done with the first chapter of Rosehip Diary. That'll be finshed when it's finished, probably pretty soon.

Translated the first chapter of Mondlicht within a few hours of learning of its existence... actiony fanservicey manga with yuri overtones(more so in the second volume), check out the "more help wanted" link on the sidebar (or look four posts down) if anyone out there's interested in editing.

Finished chapter 3 of Epitaph the day after posting chapter 2... so that should be out before too long.

Currently putting off doing a oneshot manga as a competency test what for maybe helping out with them peoples who are doing The World God Only Knows if they need someone... part of me wants to say whatever, but I am a player of eroge, and that title calls to me. (lol zenigame stupid)

More Uncassandra to come whenever Rena-chan decides to scan in the latest chapters.

And I'm working on Embalming 10 right now, so enough with the nagging.

...and there you go~

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Epitaph chapter 2

Alright, the editorpeoples over at Sugooi finally finished, so chapter two of Epitaph is finally released.

The story starts to pick up here, as we learn a bit more about Towa... and the yuri level also rises. Always a good thing. o/

I would say that chapter three would be out right away, but I've yet to start translating the script. Maybe tomorrow, I don't know. ^_^;;

In the meantime, there's still that list over on the sidebar of manga scripts that are done and just waiting for an editor to lend a hand... if you're interested, drop me a line at Mangahelpers, or email me at horibinomichi at gmail dot com. (ololol i made an email account)

As for Epitaph, here's the download link. Megaupload to come along eventually.