Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tama to Tama to 7

Tama to Tama to Tama to Tama to Tama to Tama to Tama to Tama to...

...yeah, here's chapter seven. At this rate, we really will be done with this volume by the end of the week...

...and then I'll have to wait however many months before the second one comes out. Gohohohoho.

Alas, that is the price of being insanely fast...

(all credit for that goes to eynit, by the way)

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...and now I wait for Gurenki raws to show up. I'm just as anxious as you all are to find out what happens next.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tama to Tama to 6

...and here's chapter six of Tama to Tama to, in which... things happen. Gohohoho.

Yay for an actual story beginning to form. o/

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mondlicht 13

Alright, here's the first chapter of the third volume of Mondlicht!

As always, thanks go to Dolor for the lovely editingness.

With volume three, things get a bit more heavy, plotwise. And actiony. And then there's the rampant yuri, too.

So yeah, enjoy. o/

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Love Pheromone No.5 1

...and here's something new, the first chapter of Love Pheromone No.5.

It's stupid and fun and yuri, so check it out.

At the moment, this is just the interior pages. My scanner's too small to fit the cover stuff, so I'm going to have to poke around until I find someone with a larger one... I'll probably release a v2 or something when I do. >_<

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...and now, back to the soul-eating game that is Ookamikakushi. The damned thing's just about killed my productivity. ._.;;

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tama to Tama to 5

Here's the fifth chapter of Tama to Tama to, in which a new castmember is introduced.

At this point, I have six out of eleven chapters translated... and at the rate we've been going, the entire first volume will be done by this time next week. >_>;;

(now watch something happen to prove me completely wrong)

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Stay tuned for even more different release thing.

Sora no Kanata no! 1

...and here we have the first chapter of Sora no Kanata no!, a manga by Ono Toshihiro. You may know him from his work on the Dengeki Pikachu manga.

This seems to be the only chapter that I'll be doing of this one, as they went and found another translator for it.

Eh, c'est la vie...

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Stay tuned for more different release things.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nijipuri 5


...and as I continue to berate myself for letting the opportunity to make a bad Kenshin joke based on the previous chapter's title pass me by, I bring you chapter 5 of Nijipuri.

This one more or less cements Aoi's status as my favorite in the series.

And as always, credit for the super wonderful high-grade editing job goes to Antti.

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Been playing Ookamikakushi recently... with any luck, there's a path where Hiro can wind up with Isuzu without dying horribly in the end.

Because Isuzu is made of win and love. :3

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tama to Tama to 4

...and here's another speedy Tama to Tama to release. It's short, but it's chock-full of, well... yuri. And double standards. Gohohoho.

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Would have had this one up hours ago, but a stupid power outage kind of ruined everything.

Also killed all my progress on a script, too. -_-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tama to Tama to 3

...a release within a few hours of me sending out the script... it reminds me of this time last year.

...though I don't think I'll be able to pull off another month-long span with a release every day. :/

Anywho, here's the third chapter of Tama to Tama to, in which we get some actual explanations.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tama to Tama to 2

Here's chapter two of Tama to Tama to, in which things get... weird.

Thanks go to eynit for the speedy release.

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Just broke 600,000 hits today... I'm actually kind of shocked.
Many thanks to everyone who's allowed this two-bit operation to get this far.

And hey, maybe I can break a million one of these days.

Brocon!? omake

...and here we have our final Brocon!? release, a two-page omake from Chibi Comic High. They pertain to chapter three, for anyone who might be confused.

Here's hoping that Itou decides to start a new series soon...

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complete volume:
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...and in other news, I've finally updated the Help Wanted page over on the sidebar... check it out if you're interested.

For those who care, it's a 50/50 split between yuri and non-yuri... though Gosick's artist does have a series running in Yuri Hime.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tama to Tama to 1

Here's a new series, complete with a loli miko, demonic posession, and the requisite yuri on top of all that.

Do we have a winner? Decide for yourself.

Many thanks go to eynit for editing this one.

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The nice thing about scanning in my own stuff is that I don't have to worry about raw availability.

The bad thing about scanning in my own stuff is that I get to feel like an asshole for putting books into the microwave.

Yay tradeoffs.

Gakkou no Sensei 3

Yay for more stupid teacher adventures!

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...I have respect for anyone who's actually managed to completely go through 100 renai games... I've only completed eight. >_>

But I own like three times that. ._.;;

I really need to get back to Shukufuku no Campanella...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mahou no Jumon 1

And after a year of sitting on the script, here's the first chapter of Mahou no Jumon, by Araki Kanao.

It's a cute dumb little 4koma about a witch girl, check it out if you're interested.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Brocon!? 6

...and here we have the final chapter of Brocon!?, which happens to be my favorite of the series.

This isn't quite the end though, as there's still some omake stuff from Chibi Comic High that I'd forgotten about.

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Also, I've been reading Amnesian recently... it makes no sense. Even by Kaishaku standards.

Though I will admit that it's nice to have a Chikane that I actually don't hate.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yuri-iro Rasen 7

Here's chapter 7 of Yuri-iro Rasen, the last of the ones that I'm translating.

Today's theme is... schoolgirl x zashiki warashi.

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And not to forget, this one isn't for the kiddies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Majimoji Rurumo 0

...and just what has a Zenigame been doing for the past week instead of translating?

Playing Tales of Graces.

Only playing Tales of Graces. -_-;;

But I cleared it yesterday, so that's the end of that... at least until I decide to start my second playthrough.

...but yeah. Today we have another of those series that I'd forgotten that I even translated... here's chapter 0 of Majimoji Rurumo.

It's a prequel chapter, which explains how exactly Shibaki got into his little situation.

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...seriously, though. Tales of Graces is SO good. ._.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nijipuri 4

Here's chapter four of Nijipuri, in which Mihane shows her true mastery of being dumb.

But we still love her anyways.

As always, thanks go to Antti for editing this one.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gakkou no Sensei 2

Here we have the continued adventures of the three stupid teachers.

Many thanks to Pengu for taking up editing duties.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Karakasa no Saien 3


And here's a special new year's treat, something that even I'd given up on seeing released- the third chapter of Karakasa no Saien.

Thanks go to Lenners for actually sticking with it all this time while others dropped out.

Here's hoping the next chapter doesn't take another five months to release, as running behind a quarterly-released manga is kind of really sad. >_>;;

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More stuff to come soon (hopefully), provided real life leaves me alone long enough to actually get something done.