Friday, December 25, 2009

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 6

Here we start off the second volume of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade with something rather... different. Enjoy.

Mediafire Megaupload

Merry Christmas t0 you all, I hope the day was better for you all than it was for me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sugar wa Otoshigoro 9

...and here's a Christmas treat, the ninth chapter of Sugar wa Otoshigoro.

It's pretty much the turning point of the series, so yay and fun and wahoo and all that.

Many thanks to boke for OCing, and the humans over at Animexis for editing.

Mediafire Megaupload

Ah, Hatanaka. You're so...... odd.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here we go again...

Bleh... super mega ultra sorry for kind of falling off the face of the Earth there... I've been busy dealing with various real-life DRAMA things that make a Zenigame feel like digging a hole and staying in there forever.

But meh, I'm slightly out of my funk, and my translationing should be back on track soonish... while things aren't exactly getting any better around here, I can at least use manga to keep my mind off it.

So long story short, back to business shortly. I also apologize to everyone who's been offering to help out with various series, as I haven't really been checking my messages either. I'll get back to you all ASAP.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises- 9

Bleh, sorry about the whole "lack of anything." Things have been kind of crappy around here and I haven't been able to get to translating.

But anyways, here's the ninth chapter of Gurenki, a super long long chapter filled with plot things and Creo's ever-expanding chest.

Mediafire Megaupload

And in other news, I need an editor for Gakkou no Sensei now, since ShiroAka decided that he doesn't want to edit any more of it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 5

Here's the fifth chapter of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, which finishes off the first volume.

Serena's actually pretty cool when she's not being a pervert...

Mediafire Megaupload

Sorry about all the delays, real life decided to kick my ass this week for no reason in particular. >_<

With any luck, I'll be able to get back in business soon.

...and now I go pass out, as it is late and I have a horrible headache.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brocon!? 5

...and finally, we have another chapter of Brocon. Only one more to go.

Mediafire Megaupload

Sorry about the lack of thing lately, my various editors have been off doing whatever, and I myself have been busy with Persona Star Ocean various things.

Anywho, there has been some progress. Gurenki 9 should be out eventually (71 pages of hell), I'm going to be working with another group to resume putting out Yamanko, and the delay on Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade chapters should be over shortly.

...and now I continue celebrating the birthday of my personal hero. I baked a red cake and everything. o/

Monday, November 9, 2009

Embalming Intermission 1 and 2 long last, here's the two intermission chapters of Embalming.

Now maybe you guys can leave me alone! :p


I'm still translating the series, but now the folks at Binktopia are editing it. Basically, that means that now you get lovely super high-quality tankoubon scans instead of the usual crappy magazine ones.

And there's a direct download link instead of the usual Mediafire/Megaupload bullcrap.

Basically, it's a LEVEL UP all around for this one.

The next chapter starts up a new arc, raises the bar for the story, and gives a familiar villain for those of you who read Mondlicht as well. >_>;;

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yuri-iro Rasen 5

Here's the conclusion to Mura and Kobayashi's story, courtesy of Dolor.

Reeally don't get why she doesn't just ditch her boyfriend...

Mediafire Megaupload

Fun fact:
Yesasia might give you free shipping on orders over $40, but it ends up costing the same as a Mangaoh order of the same amount.

Only that the shipping's about three times slower.

lol reverse char

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nijipuri 3

Wahoo, fast editingness!

Anywho, here's the third chapter of Nijipuri, introducing just about all of the main cast.

Chiyoko's room looks just like my sister's... >_>;;

Mediafire Megaupload

...and now I shall continue to try and stifle the very very very strong urge to run outside right now in the middle of the night and scream 「ベアトリィィィィィチェ!!!!!」 at the top of my lungs.

Never before have I been so completely OWNED by an anime... damn you, Ryukishi07.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gakkou no Sensei Text.1

...and here's something new, the first chapter of Gakkou no Sensei.

It's stupid and funny and yeah.

Mediafire Megaupload

...and to anyone who was wondering, that's a D.Gray-man reference.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 11

...and here's a chapter of Deus Ex Machina, in which we see that Luke's amount of shame is inversely proportionate to Machina's.

Mediafire Megaupload

I'm unable to submit to Mangahelpers for some reason... blah.

Back to that Transistor teaset chapter, I suppose...

Yuri-iro Rasen 4

Prons time!

Here be the fourth chapter of Yuri-iro Rasen, which is more of Mura and Kobayashi's escapades.

Mediafire Megaupload

I am left wondering why Kobayashi doesn't just ditch her boyfriend and hook up with Mura officially, but eh.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nijipuri 2

Here's the second chapter of Nijipuri, which is best described as "WHAT A TWIST!"

Mediafire Megaupload

As for the manga I got, I was pretty lucky... out of the five series I got without knowing anything about them aside from the mangaka, I ended up realy liking all of them.

Shisuko na Futari > Mahou Shoujo Isuzu-san Full Throttle > Carbonard Crown >= Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu > Hitomi no Photograph

Though I seem to have crappy luck in picking the things I like, as Isuzu-san's currently on indefinite hold since Comic Yell folded back in May. It might come back like Comic High did, but who knows...

...I really hope that the series doesn't end up screwed over the same way that Kyouhaku Dog's was a few years back. >_<

And then there's Carbonard Crown, whose serialization situation is such that the second volume probably won't be released for another two years or so.

Nice how these things work out... -_-

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New thing! Yay! I woke up waaaaay too early today, in order to get my box o'
manga as pictured on the right there.

Mangaoh is pretty good, I'll probably be ordering from there again. My only gripe is that you can't check to see what they currently have in stock the way you can with bk1.

And as if planned, I got an email from Yesasia saying that they couldn't find the first volume of Mahou no Jumon wo Tonaetara, which means that I'll probably be forced to head to Yahoo Auctions if I really want to get it. >_<

And if I do go that route, there's no way in hell I'm destroying the volume in order to scan it. :/

...but yeah, yay lots of new thing. The only one I've read so far is Mondlicht 3, which is... yeah. Totally leaves the "subtext" route in favor of hitting me in the face with a 2x4 of YURI.
And then it ends on another freaking cliffhanger, thus causing me to regret not snatching up the fourth volume as well. >_<

Not scanning anything in until I've read them all, though I will be needing editors for them...

...except Mondlicht and Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu, which are already taken by Dolor.


...I have no idea why the picture is on its side like that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yuri-iro Rasen 3

So Dolor was like "Hey Zenigame, want to do this manga?" and I'm like "ya ok wahtevre."

And so, you get the prontastic third chapter of Yuri-iro Rasen. It's from the same mangaka as Gokujou Drops, so you can expect something along the same lines.

Mediafire Megaupload

But yeah, is smut. Not for kids.
So there's your warning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Onsen Wakusei 4

...rolling on with the releases...

Courtesy of sylfid, here's chapter 4 of Onsen Wakusei, in which... yeah.

Mediafire Megaupload

Sadly, this series ended with only one volume... I guess there wasn't enough Nino. :/

Though I suppose this'll free Takagi up for another series somewhere else... I wonder if he'll go back to Gum... any event, I'll be looking forward to whatever he does next.

And I only have raws for this up to the next chapter, so if some kind soul out there could find the rest on Share or PD, that'd be super appreciated. >_>;;

L-size Little Sister 1

Is miracle!

...yeah, here's the first chapter of L-size Little Sister(finally).

Many thanks to B0mbe4man, who was kind enough to edit this after I threw the script at him the other week.

It's actually more like "payback," but that's neither here nor there... >_>;;

But yeah, adventures of giant imouto and pervert oneesan have arrived. Enjoy.

Mediafire Megaupload

...and in other news, my Mangaoh manga shipment should be arriving on Tuesday or thereabouts. Yay new series and all that.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

HOLY CRAP, IT'S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY!? ...oh, and Nijipuri 1.

And so, a year has passed since I first started up this blog and made public calls for help to do the things that I don't feel like doing myself.

This humble group started out as a "whatever Zenigame feels like doing" group, "shounen/seinen fighting manga, cute moe things and mecha" in particular.

I got shoehorned into the yuri angle somewhere along the line and that kind of stuck, and now it's turned into a "whatever Zenigame likes, but mostly yuri" group. (I wonder if this is how the folks at Dynasty feel...)

And now, on to other things... I finally have the first chapter of Nijipuri for you all. (the delay was entirely my fault.)

This one is most definitely yuri, for those who were wondering.

Many thanks for Antti for the editing.

Mediafire Megaupload

And the latest stupid poll thing is over... this one was a homunculus poll, based on more than one manga for once.

First place with 49 votes is Marie Orleans, also known as F11. Figured that she'd win...
Second with 36 votes is the almighty GREED, who is still the best homunculus ever because he so totally is.
Third place with 15 votes is the loli-type Jack the Ripper, F08.
Fouth with 8 votes is the mainchara of the original Embalming oneshot, the ever-stylish John Doe.
Fifth with 6 votes is Mondlicht's resident poisoner, F05.
Sixth, with a mere two votes, is poor little Elm-chan.
And non-placed is Embalming's mainchara, Fury Flatliner. He did have a vote at one point, but whoever did so changed their mind. ^_^;;

In more different news, I've been fiddling with various pages to make things look better, including (slowly) updating the Releases page. I've updated the "help wanted" page as well, so check that out if you're in have some time to spare.

But yeah, it's been fun. 455,000+ hits, 150+ manga chapters translated, and I even managed to pull off an entire month with a new release every day back in March.

Not too shabby for a single lazy bum of a Zenigame with no official regular staff. ^_^;;

Here's to another year, and many, many thanks to all the people who have helped out during this group's short life.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mondlicht 11, 12, and Shitsurakuen 1

...we have a triple release today, courtesy of Dolor.

First off are chapters 11 and 12 of Mondlicht, which finish off the second volume.

Sadly, this also finishes off the rest of my raws for the series until my Mangaoh order ships. :/

But hey, I get to focus on something else for a while. Yay and all that.

Chapter 11:
Mediafire Megaupload

Chapter 12+omake:
Mediafire Megaupload

Volume 2 complete:
Mediafire Megaupload

And as an extra thing, Dolor picked up from Arion and finished off that first chapter of Shitsurakuen that I translated back in June or whatever. I won't be doing any more, but it's nice to see that my efforts weren't completely wasted.

As always, thanks a lot. o/

Shitsurakuen 1:
Mediafire Megaupload

Friday, October 9, 2009


Found an old pair of glasses that don't kill my eyes, so here's something different... it's a Touhou doujinshi that I got for my birthday.

I don't usually do doujinshi, but since I actually own the thing, I said why the heck not.

Mediafire Megaupload

And in other news, the manga has been ordered. (yay)

First I tried Kinokuniya, but they only had like two titles that I wanted in stock. >_<

Then I tried bk1, but there was something weird going on with my card so that didn't work either. >_<

Finally ended up with Mangaoh, and my order seems to have gone through. Yay.

Also did a backup order with Yesasia for some other stuff, so more yay.

And as always, thanks for all the kind words.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm not dead~ on the day I'm finally over whatever I had and some people came to install a new sump pump in my basement so I don't have to worry about flooding...

...I wake up to find that my glasses are broken.

So now I'm wearing a backup pair that makes everything slightly blurry and gives me a headache, so no translating for a little while longer. ._.;;

Probably shouldn't even be using the computer, either. >_>

And on a less crappy note, I'm grabbing some stuff from Kinokuniya on Friday. Stuff that I needed scans of like Mondlicht after the second volume, awesome thing like Gosick, and a few other things.

So I'm taking suggestions as to what to get in the meantine, so feel free to chime in.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mondlicht 10

Sorry about the delays, I've been held up with iM@S being sick, along with dealing with the aftermath of my basement flooding the other day... haven't really had the time or energy for translation as of late.

But here's something that Dolor finished a while back that I haven't gotten around to releasing... the tenth chapter of Mondlicht.

Fun with more backstory. It's kind of funny that in any other series, Victor would probably be seen as a hero...

Mediafire Megaupload

More to come when I'm not feeling like crap. -_-;;

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sugar wa Otoshigoro 8

Here's a new chapter of Sugar wa Otoshigoro, in which... eh, I don't want to spoil.

Thanks go to Kanapox for editing, and Boke for QCing.

Mediafire Megaupload

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mondlicht 9

Hey, remember when this series had like four months in between releases? I do...

...anywho, here's chapter nine of Mondlicht, in which Marie channels the spirit of the mighty Zengar.

Mediafire Megaupload

The downside to our current pace is that I'm running out of raws... the series is up to volume 4 over in Japan, but nothing past the second volume seems to have been scanned. >_<

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 4

...and here we have chapter four of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, which is now a joint with imangascans since No-Name merged with them or some other thing that I don't really get.

In any event, thanks go to them for editing.

Mediafire Megaupload

Ugh... I'd meant to get quite a bit done in this past week, but I've been rather under the weather... and the little energy I do have has been eaten up by iDOLCR@CK.

But with any luck, next week will be better.

...and now I go pass out, as my head is killing me. >_<

Monday, September 7, 2009

Transistor Teaset 6

...and here's the long-awaited sixth chapter of Transistor Teaset, in which there's a detour of sorts...

As always, many thanks to sylfid for editing it.

Looking at what's left of the volume, this is going to be all kinds of fun to translate.

And by "fun," I mean "AAAGH MY BRAAAAAIN" ._.

Mediafire Megaupload

In other news, CANAAN has a surprising amount of yuriness, to the point where I was like "AAGH GET A ROOM YOU TWO" while watching episode 9.

And then there's Liang Qi, who's like Soifon taken in the worst possible extreme...

...and then there's the HYPER COMBO of Aquarion and Evangelion references that she made in episode ten, which in combination with the Zenigame Soulcrushing she caused in the scene immediately preceding that... graah.

......I hate you, Nasu.

...and that's enough rambling from me, Iori beckons.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brocon!? 4

...and here's another chapter of Brocon!?

This one is probably my second-favorite, right behind the final one...

...and come to think of it, there are only two chapters to go. Whee.

Mediafire Megaupload

Friday, September 4, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 10

And finally, here's chapter ten of Deus Ex Machina, in which Crow Mother gets to be awesome some more.

Many thanks to both substitute cleaner-type guy Grim Reaper and kind scanner-type person dayrains.

Mediafire Megaupload

Iori owns my heart... it seems that I'm a slave to the tsundere-type.

Mondlicht 8

Talk about making up for lost time...

...anyways, here's chapter eight of Mondlicht. Many thanks to Dolor for editing it so fast. ._.;;

Mediafire Megaupload

In other news, I'm looking for an editor for the oneshot "Uchuu no Hate de Aimashou," by Takeda Sun. I had one for it, but he had some sudden real-life drama that kind of takes precedent over manga editing.

So email me if you want to help out, blahblahblah.

...and back to playing iDOLM@STER for me... this game is like crack, seriously. >_<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mondlicht 7

It's funny how whenever I end up occupied with something else, all my editors do as well... yay luck. >_<

Anyways, here's the seventh chapter of Mondlicht.
This one ends the Marquise de Brinviliers fight, along with starting the second volume.

Mediafire Megaupload

I'll also have Deus Ex Machina 10 out soon, I'm just waiting on two pages to be recleaned.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brocon!? 03

Hooray for double updates.

Anywho, here's the third chapter of Brocon!? This one's pretty much the wrongest one of the entire series... it;s up to you as to whether you see that as a good thing.

Mediafire Megaupload

My birthday's in two days, but maybe I'll manage to get another script out before that... who knows, though.

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 3

...and here's another chapter of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, in which we get... well, just read it.

Souya may be a loser, but he's somehow the most "normal" of the cast when not being the butt of a joke...

Mediafire Megaupload

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nanatsuiro Drops 5

Solomon, I have returned.

...and now that that's out of the way, here's the fifth chapter of Nanatsuiro Drops.

Mediafire Megaupload

Sumomo is way too cute...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brocon!? 2

Here's the second chapter of Brocon!?

This is pretty much the only "normal" chapter in the series, for what it's worth.

Mediafire Megaupload

Still depressed as hell, and I'm going to be in Louisville for the rest of the week.

So no updates during that time, as I'm not going to have any access to a computer while I'm gone.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kämpfer 5

...and here's chapter five of Kampfer, which rounds off the first volume. It's now a joint with Which instead of NCIS, on account of internet dramas or somesuch.

Mediafire Megaupload

...speaking of dramas, there's some depressing things I have to deal with right now that might cause the release rate here to slow back down.

Or maybe speed up, who knows. Just a heads up.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mondlicht 6

...and courtesy of Dolor, here's the rest of Mondlicht's first volume.

I really liked the last two pages of chapter six... then again, I'm a total sucker for that kind of thing.

It's funny how mangaka seem to like using foreign characters to showcase "traditional" values like that...

Chapter 6+omake:
Mediafire Megaupload

Volume 1 complete:
Mediafire Megaupload

And in other news, I'm looking for a decent group what's subbing Aoi Hana. Any suggestions? I'd rather not go through weeks of GRAAH sorting through faulty translations like I did with Pandora Hearts and more recently, NEEDLESS. >_>;;

Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade 2

...and here's the second chapter of Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, now a joint with the fellows over at NoName-Scan.

Serena really is a pervert...

...well, the entire cast consists of perverts. >_>;;

Mediafire Megaupload

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises- 6.5

Here's a quick interlude of Gurenki foolishness, courtesy of ShiroAka.

Hopefully, this will be enough to hold you all over until raws for chapter 9 show up.

Mediafire Megaupload

...and now I go read Tetragrammaton Labyrinth 5.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 9

That's the nice thing about doing the editing myself, I know that any and all delays are entirely my own fault. o/

...anywho, here's a rather heavy chapter of Deus Ex Machina.

Whenever Junior talks, I hear Koyasu Takehito in my head. >_>;;

Mediafire Megaupload

Just a heads up, raws for chapter ten have yet to show up (to my knowledge), so it might be a while before I put another of these out. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it was with Embalming, but who knows. :/

And speaking of Embalming, the raws for chapter 11 of that series are kind of awful, so it might be delayed yet again. Gohoho.

Now I go back to my beloved robots.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Embalming 10

What you get: Embalming 10, because Emba was on top of things.

What you don't get: Deus Ex Machina 9, because I feel like being lazy-ish today.

Mediafire Megaupload

Maybe I'll have it done tomorrow, it depends on how busy I am.

...and in other news, NEEDLESS has the largest difference between OP and ED animation of any show I've seen in recent memory. Just... wow.

Not a complaint, merely an observation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Embalming 9

...and here's a chapter of Embalming. Gohoho.
Thanks go to Emba for editing.

Mediafire Megaupload

In other news, I'm looking for an editor for Gakkou no Sensei, and also the latest raws for Gurenki so I can get on that.

Finished three scripts yesterday, and am working on the text-laden Shiharu Genesis right now... you all can also expect Deus Ex Machina 9 tomorrow.

...and that's it. Back to volume three of Hayate x Blade for me... it's hilarious and retarded and everyone should buy it so Seven Seas can afford to keep putting it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shiharu Genesis 4

The moepocalypse continues...

Here's the fourth chapter of Shiharu Genesis, courtesy of Serafer.

Mediafire Megaupload

And yes, I know the credit page lists the wrong number.

As for my jury hell, that's officially over with since my family connections made the defendants reeally not want me on the jury. Gohoho.

But I still had an entire day shot to hell, and I'm dead tired on top of that. So yay getting completely thrown off-track. >_<

...and now I'm going to go die for about fifteen hours or so. ._.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Onsen Wakusei 3

Just in time to spoil the horrible mood I've been in for the past month or so... here's an update, courtesy of sylfid. :>

It's the third chapter of Onsen Wakusei... I suppose since the setup's over, Takagi finally decided to show his true colors.

Ah, Nino... :3

Mediafire Megaupload

As for other thing, I intend to get scripts for Embalming, Seigi Kenkyuukai Serenade, Transistor Teaset and Karakasa no Saien done within the week.

Though I've been stricken with the GRAAH known as jury duty, so who knows how well that's going to go. -_-

Seriously, I don't even have a license, how the heck did they get me...?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 8

Here's the eighth chapter of Deus Ex Machina, in which Luke finally grows a pair.

Mediafire Megaupload

In other news, Dolor was nice enough to take up the editing duties for Shitsurakuen. Thanks and all that.

However, Shokushu Hime is still homeless.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Karakasa no Saien 2


At long last, here's the second chapter of Karakasa no Saien.

Mediafire Megaupload

...and in other news, Ambiguous_Pazuma, the kind fellow who edited the first volume of Shokushu Hime, has decided to step down from the series I was doing with him. This means that Shitsurakuen and Shokushu Hime are in need of a replacement editor-type person.

Thanks for all the help, and I wish you the best.

...and in other news, I'm dropping Uncassandra and Saitama Chainsaw Girl, as some other group wants to do it. Wahoo.

Expect Deus Ex Machina 8 to be out on either Monday or Tuesday since I have all but five pages done... I'll be doing the remaining chapters of volume 1 of Transistor Teaset once the next chapter of Onsen Wakusei is out... I also intend to get to Kampfer 5 and Mondlicht 6 before the end of the week.

There was some other stuff I had to say, but I'll save it for later seeing as how various things both on and offline have me in a particularly bad mood right now. -_-


Mondlicht 5

Blah... not a very good week on my end...

...but anyways, here's another chapter of Mondlicht, courtesy of Dolor.

More to come later today.

Mediafire Megaupload

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transistor Teaset 5

Here's another chapter of Transistor Teaset, courtesy of sylfid.

Looks like there's a bit more story to this manga than was expected... eheh.

Mediafire Megaupload

And in other news, Shitsurakuen has been graciously taken up by the editor of Shokushu Hime, Ambiguous_Pazuma. Thanks a ton.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugar wa Otoshigoro 7

...and after what seems like forever, here's another chapter of the best manga that I translate.

Honda's an interesting character... every time he does something awesome, he then turns around and does something that makes me want to reach into the manga and strangle him to death. >_>;;

Many thanks to Kanapox over at Animexis for not only editing it, but also going through the trouble of buying and scanning in the actual volumes.

Since this series takes precedence over everything else I do, I should have another script done shortly... so hopefully that'll mean another release soon.

Mediafire Megaupload

In other news, ShiroAka has real-life crap that's getting in the way of his editing the first chapter of Shitsurakuen... so here's an open invitation to any skilled editor out there who's interested in the series to take it off his hands. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Keep in mind though that the first chapter is 58 pages long. -_-;;

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nanatsuiro Drops 4

...and after over a week of nothing, here's the fourth chapter of Nanatsuiro Drops.

Sorry about the lack of updates, things just didn't seem to go very well. >_>;;

But I'll have a new chapter of Deus Ex Machina done sometime soon at the very least, along with scripts for Mondlicht, Kampfer and Shokushu Hime.

Mediafire Megaupload

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mondlicht 4

Here's another chapter of Mondlicht, courtesy of Dolor.

In which we have both a bloody fight and a historical lesson. :>

Mediafire Megaupload

More to come on the horizon... though I'm still attempting to recover from the brainbreakage caused by translating 58 text-laden pages of Shitsurakuen. ._.;;

Monday, June 8, 2009

Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi special

...and here's a light update...

...this is a special chapter of Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi, along with some yonkoma from Chibi Comic High! since I finally remembered that I had them.

Mediafire Megaupload