Monday, June 29, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 8

Here's the eighth chapter of Deus Ex Machina, in which Luke finally grows a pair.

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In other news, Dolor was nice enough to take up the editing duties for Shitsurakuen. Thanks and all that.

However, Shokushu Hime is still homeless.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Karakasa no Saien 2


At long last, here's the second chapter of Karakasa no Saien.

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...and in other news, Ambiguous_Pazuma, the kind fellow who edited the first volume of Shokushu Hime, has decided to step down from the series I was doing with him. This means that Shitsurakuen and Shokushu Hime are in need of a replacement editor-type person.

Thanks for all the help, and I wish you the best.

...and in other news, I'm dropping Uncassandra and Saitama Chainsaw Girl, as some other group wants to do it. Wahoo.

Expect Deus Ex Machina 8 to be out on either Monday or Tuesday since I have all but five pages done... I'll be doing the remaining chapters of volume 1 of Transistor Teaset once the next chapter of Onsen Wakusei is out... I also intend to get to Kampfer 5 and Mondlicht 6 before the end of the week.

There was some other stuff I had to say, but I'll save it for later seeing as how various things both on and offline have me in a particularly bad mood right now. -_-


Mondlicht 5

Blah... not a very good week on my end...

...but anyways, here's another chapter of Mondlicht, courtesy of Dolor.

More to come later today.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transistor Teaset 5

Here's another chapter of Transistor Teaset, courtesy of sylfid.

Looks like there's a bit more story to this manga than was expected... eheh.

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And in other news, Shitsurakuen has been graciously taken up by the editor of Shokushu Hime, Ambiguous_Pazuma. Thanks a ton.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugar wa Otoshigoro 7

...and after what seems like forever, here's another chapter of the best manga that I translate.

Honda's an interesting character... every time he does something awesome, he then turns around and does something that makes me want to reach into the manga and strangle him to death. >_>;;

Many thanks to Kanapox over at Animexis for not only editing it, but also going through the trouble of buying and scanning in the actual volumes.

Since this series takes precedence over everything else I do, I should have another script done shortly... so hopefully that'll mean another release soon.

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In other news, ShiroAka has real-life crap that's getting in the way of his editing the first chapter of Shitsurakuen... so here's an open invitation to any skilled editor out there who's interested in the series to take it off his hands. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Keep in mind though that the first chapter is 58 pages long. -_-;;

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nanatsuiro Drops 4

...and after over a week of nothing, here's the fourth chapter of Nanatsuiro Drops.

Sorry about the lack of updates, things just didn't seem to go very well. >_>;;

But I'll have a new chapter of Deus Ex Machina done sometime soon at the very least, along with scripts for Mondlicht, Kampfer and Shokushu Hime.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Mondlicht 4

Here's another chapter of Mondlicht, courtesy of Dolor.

In which we have both a bloody fight and a historical lesson. :>

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More to come on the horizon... though I'm still attempting to recover from the brainbreakage caused by translating 58 text-laden pages of Shitsurakuen. ._.;;

Monday, June 8, 2009

Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi special

...and here's a light update...

...this is a special chapter of Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi, along with some yonkoma from Chibi Comic High! since I finally remembered that I had them.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Onsen Wakusei 2

Here's the second chapter of Onsen Wakusei, which could easily serve as an example of why more people should beat their kids when they act up. >_>;;

This one more or less cements what I'm assuming will be the overall format for this manga, and also shows pretty clearly that Aqua is the main character.

So yeah, enjoy.

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Next chapter consists of nothing but pure unadulterated Takagi-ness, so there's something to look forward to. ^_^;;

Brocon!? 1

...and here's something else that took far, FAR longer than it should have... the first chapter of Brocon!?.
Many thanks to the kind folks at Meow-Scans for making this possible.

This one's a collection of unrelated stories that have the basic theme of "brocon" running through them... so it should be pretty obvious that it's not in any way yuri.

But I liked Itou Ei's previous series, and I like this one as well so yeah.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kämpfer 4

...and surprise surprise, two consecutive Tachibana Yuu manga releases. ^_^;;

Anywho, here's the fourth chapter of Kämpfer, which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Also, the end is all kinds of yay. :>

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Mondlicht 3

And so after almost five months, here's the third chapter of Mondlicht.

And many, many thanks to Dolor, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.

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And to Shokushu Hime editor-type person Ambiguous_Pazuma, could you email me sometime soon? I've been trying to reach you, but my mails keep bouncing. >_<

Gurenki -Creo the Crimson Crises- 8

...eheh, don't mind the picture. Just a bad joke on my part. ^_^:;

...anyways, here's the long-awaited eighth chapter of Gurenki, in which Kiki proves herself to be the only character in this series that I actually like anymore.

Sadly, there won't be another chapter until July... curse this quarterly schedule. >_<

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hekikai no AiON 2

...and here's another manga that got super-delayed, chapter two of Hekikai no AiON.

Yay reminding me that I need to get back on top of things...

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Kämpfer 3

...and here's something whose delay actually wasn't my fault, chapter three of Kampfer.

The next two chapters finish off the first volume, and they are made of AWESOME. Here's hoping that the editor-types don't take forever in getting them out after I translate them. :/

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...and in other editor-related news, I've pretty much given up on seeing a few series done, seeing as how it's been forever... if anyone out there wants to help out with Karakasa no Saien, Mondlicht or Brocon, drop me a line. I've been sitting on scripts for these for waay too long, and would really like to see some progress... ._.;;

Nanatsuiro Drops 3

...and here's the third chapter of Nanatsuiro Drops... cuteness abounds and all that.

Still haven't started the game yet... a certain seller in the dealer room at Anime North talked me into buying Gouen no Soleil, and that's been eating up a lot of my time.

But eh, I'm still getting stuff done so it's not all bad. I intend to finally finish off this L-size Little Script by the end of the day, and Gurenki 8 should be out within the next few days so yeah.

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Also, I'm lacking recent raws for a few series, so if any Share-users could grab them for me, it would be really appreciated.

Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi 8 and special chapter
Onsen Wakusei 2+
Deus Ex Machina 9-10

I was also thinking about looking into Nijipuri, which is another Web Comic High manga...