Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deus Ex Machina 12

...and at long last, here's chapter twelve of Deus Ex Machina, in which the young maid boy Cuuro-kun is sold into slavery to pay his father's debts... Luke gets to play the cryingtrap game.

This is a nice diversion from the wall of text that was the Embalming chapter that I just did... that series is easy and all, but it has so many words it makes my brains hurt.

So yeah. Deus Ex Machina. Enjoy.

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yurakair said...

this was already released by a new group:


they said that you dropped the serie, so they take it.


Maou Zenigame said...

I specifically stated before that I DIDN'T drop it, but has simply gotten lazy... eh.

I guess this means that I have some competition now...

Teaparty said...

@yurakair: that was pretty rude.

Thanks for releasing!

Though I don't think you'll win the competition. =P

yurakair said...
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yurakair said...

@Teaparty : I'm not from that group.

I didn't read deus ex machina either. I prefer embalming.

Excel said...

Is this shoujo ai?

I did't read any chapter from Deus Ex Machina, but looks interesting. I thinking about start it soon.

Anonymous said...

Embalming is not for me, I really like Deus Ex Machina very interesting!!!

Maou Zenigame said...

Even if I don't win in the speed area, I'm pretty confident that I win in terms of overall translation quality.

It's not yuri, just a regular action series.