Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deus Ex Machina 9

That's the nice thing about doing the editing myself, I know that any and all delays are entirely my own fault. o/

...anywho, here's a rather heavy chapter of Deus Ex Machina.

Whenever Junior talks, I hear Koyasu Takehito in my head. >_>;;

Mediafire Megaupload

Just a heads up, raws for chapter ten have yet to show up (to my knowledge), so it might be a while before I put another of these out. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it was with Embalming, but who knows. :/

And speaking of Embalming, the raws for chapter 11 of that series are kind of awful, so it might be delayed yet again. Gohoho.

Now I go back to my beloved robots.


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Anonymous said...

The next chapter of Embalming is not 11 but the second "intermission" between ch. 10 and 11. It's only 15 pages long and the raws are scanned form the tank, so they're good quality:

Maybe Heiji-sama will scan the 11th chapter from the tank, too, if someone asks him?

browserboy said...

I said I was sorry for being late with the cleans.......

Anonymous said...

The "intermission" between chapters 10-11 is just taken pictures (though I think the text is readable). But 11 is good-looking, it is available as RAW on mangahelpers, as are others up to ch. 18. Maybe you could scanlate chapter 11 and on, and scanlate the intermission later? Who knows when that will be properly scanned.

Anyway, thank you very much for scanlating Emba.

Anonymous said...

Raws for Nijipuri, Gakkou no Sensei, and Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi.

Anonymous said...

No, the Intermission is available properly scanned now, Heiji-sama scanned itwhen he scanned ch. 9. For some reason it doesn't seem to be uploaded at mangahelpers, but it's the megaupload link I posted earlier.

SilverTigris said...

I was wondering has Horobi no Michi dropped several mangas or are they just on the back burners?

Maou Zenigame said...


That wasn't a crack at you, but rather at myself. I could have had that out two days before I did, but I felt like being lazy instead.

Well, that and watching the new Mazinger OP like five hundred times.

@Anonymous 2:

Intermission 2 is fine, it's chapter 11 that has the problems with cut-off text and the like.

@Anonymous 3:

Thanks for the raws!


The only series I've dropped are Uncassandra and Saitama Chainsaw Girl, because of sdjagkjfsdkjfkas.

The others are simply delayed.

emba said...

Actually, chapter 11 will be in the third volume, which will be released in August. It may be worth waiting for the volume's release and better scans for the 11th chapter, since the print quality is simply a lot better than the magazine raws would ever be.
There are no scans of ch. 14, too, we'll need scans from the tank for that anyway...
Either way, Intermission 2 comes before 11, and getting that one done is no problem.