Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deus Ex Machina 1

And now for something different...'s the first chapter of Deus Ex Machina, by Karasuma Wataru. It's not yuri, but I happen to like robots.

A lot.

And broken robots in particular.

And twintails.

...yeah, I'm strange.

Didn't have an editor for this one, so I decided to do it myself yesterday during a period of time where I did not feel like breaking my brain over more manga scripts. If anyone out there who happens to take a liking to this series decides to volunteer to edit so I don't have to do it myself, that would be Super Appreciated.

Time I spend editing is time that I could be using to translate more scripts, after all...

...anyways, check it out. You might like it.

Mediafire Megaupload

...currently translating chapter 5.5 of Gurenki, and after that I think I'll finish off Epitaph 4... so there's something to look forward for all you yuri-only fans.


Morghus said...

Oooh, asshole chick, gotta love it! And the way she beat the kid around was fun.

Worried that it'll get sappy though, I saw a few hints of that... :P

walro said...

Interesting start. It's not yuri, but it does like like it could be a fun manga. The lead girl looks to be quite amusing.

magma3637 said...

yo! thanks 4 d scan. gonna check it out!

Anonymous said...

mmm evil bitch, never ceases to make things interesting

and loli, and twin tails, and uses gun

though Deus somehow reminds me of Al(from FMA) a bit...

Maou Zenigame said...

Heh, I thought the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

MY kind of Girl :P