Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fairial Garden 3

...yeah, I'd just about forgotten that I did this... I remember translating the scripts for this series back when I was trying to decide between "Horobi no Michi" and "Muichimotsu"... yeah, it's been a while.

Anyways, here's the third chapter of Fairial Garden, edited by H.S. The first two chapters were done by NCIS, so you should be able to find download links over on their site.

Mediafire Megaupload

Since a lot of you have had problems getting to the first two chapters, here they are.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Anonymous said...

thanks for releasing this chapter since i've been waiting forever for this chapter to be released. might i suggest a joint with ncis for the next chapter?regyroba

walro said...

Interesting series I suppose. The little fairy girls are pretty cute. Kinda a strange manga though; I'm not really sure where it's going. Still, I might as well read it. Thanks for the chapter.

Maou Zenigame said...
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Maou Zenigame said...

note to self: check spelling before posting comments

NCIS has dropped the project due to lack of interest, but I seem to have found a good editor in H.S. So things seen to be pretty good at the moment.

I'm not really sure myself... though I do like it.
But I decided to take this one up for the sole reason that it's freaking adorable so...

rphjas said...

i am unable to download from ncis..i can not find the download links??

SnowSong said...

Oh my... I do need my shot of insulin after reading this. It's sweet and cute from the first page. I will be looking forward to more of this! Thank you for the release!

H.S said...

You have to register on the NCIS forums to download the chapters. However, it seems that the forums are down right now, so I guess there's no way to download the chapters at the moment.

Maou Zenigame said...

I mirrored the first two chapters over on Mediafire for you guys.

MRX said...

don't know if you will see this under "Help Wanted" so I post it over here as well (delete it if necessary xD)

Just discovered that I actually still had those scans -.-'

I cleaned fairial garden chapter 4 for NCIS back then. It is almost finished, just missing a bit on one page. take a look if you want to use it. (NCIS allowed me to post it here)


Maou Zenigame said...

Ah, thanks.

Dunno how much help it'll be, but it is appreciated.

I shall throw it at H.S. right away.

Anonymous said...

chp 2 is not working. i can't downloading it. :(